Welcome to the Craigleith Going Downhill League

Welcome to the home of the Going Down Hill League (GDHL) and Craigleith’s adult ski racing community.

For many members of Craigleith Ski Club, participating in and training for races has been a great way to make friends (and friendly rivals), improve their skills and have a great time in the process.  We have started this site to make it easier to share information and welcome new people to our community. Like the GDHL itself, this site is operated by a volunteer group of Craigleith members.  We do this in consultation with the Club, but this is not an official Craigleith site and the Club isn't responsible for its content or maintenance.  If you have questions or comments concerning the site, send an e-mail to members of the group who look after the site. They will reply as quickly as possible.

Suitability test: would you (at least usually) rather:

  • drink (a) one or two of the microbrews sometimes generously provided by a sponsor at GDHL events or (b) six or more discount brews, really fast?  
  • spend Saturday evening (a) tuning and waxing your skis for Sunday morning’s race, even if you have to do your kids’ skis first, or (b) drinking six or more discount brews, really fast?

If you chose (b), maybe come back next year.  If you chose (a) and you’re a Craigleith member, you probably have everything you need to start, so keep reading!

Adult ski racing at Craigleith has historically had three main components:

If you're a skier, you can participate in one or more of these options during the season as your time and interests dictate.  For more info, check out the rest of our site.  Remember that enrollment for these options is separate for each!

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